Alfred Ricks Jr., MD

Dr. Ricks is a native Texan, born in Liberty Texas. He graduated from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and has been a medical doctor for 42 years. Specializing in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Hospital Care (Hospitalist). He has produced numerous medical educational videos for aspiring school students and the general public. Dr. Ricks is currently sharing his experience as a physician with other healthcare professionals to improve their interactions with patient, improve patient satisfaction, and improve patient retention.

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The Incredible Medical School

The Incredible Medical School videos are for the general public. Educational and fun for kids and adults. Great for encouraging children’s interest in the medical field or stimulating children that are already interested in the medical field. Parents purchase these videos for their children and find themselves also using them. Perfect for science students in home schools, public schools, and colleges. Nurses and other healthcare professionals also use these videos for subjects and skills that are not taught in nursing school or to supplement subjects that are in the nursing school’s curriculum. Topics subject to change.

Most Medical videos are directed at medical professionals (doctors, nurses, etc). Those medical videos assume medical knowledge and also come with a high price. A 30 minutes medical video can cost over $100! So… why are we able to offer so many hours of videos and membership sites at such a low price? First, we use consumer high def cameras and instead of professional production companies, we do it in-house. Set up a camera and begin teaching the topic. Editing is done on our computer. So while the videos aren’t “professional”, they are good, educational and the price can be kept low for the general public (which is our target audience). No exciting special effects. No high prices – Just medical educational teachings.

The Incredible Medical School is a fantasy school which provides medical teachings and instructions for information only. We do not provide any legal degrees. This information is not intended to be used in deciding any medical care. The instructions, teachings, demonstrations, and completion of any medical information or skills at The Incredible Medical School, and the awarding of any certificates by The Incredible Medical School, does not grant, authorize, license, encourage, or imply that anyone can perform, or should attempt to perform any diagnoses, procedures, or treatments on any person.  Federal and State laws, involving the practice of medicine, prohibit the use of the medical information and skills taught at The Incredible Medical School by any unlicensed person to give medical advice or suggestions to anyone, or used in the treatment of anyone. Materials on these membership sites are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult your physician or pharmacist regarding medications or medical procedures.


1,000 Patients in 100 Days

“1,000 Patients in 100 Days” The master success program created by Alfred Ricks Jr., M.D. With more than 40 years in the medical profession, Dr. Ricks has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the medical and nonmedical aspects of a successful healthcare business.

He has used his education in the areas of Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Hospital Care to take care of patients in private office practices, walk-in clinics, urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, and hospitalized patients.

He has observed doctors of all personality types and their interactions with patients, other doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. From the beginning, he made note of the good, and the bad, outcomes of these various interactions.

With an inside, behind-the-scenes view of the medical profession, and someone who others justifiably felt comfortable confiding in, Dr. Ricks has collected extensive information on how to produce a medical business with all the patients you require, and it isn’t based on your medical knowledge. Basically, all physicians have good medical knowledge, but some do well and some do poorly financially in their medical business regardless of their level of knowledge.

Assembling this information, Dr. Ricks produced his Master Success Program “1,000 patients in 100 days”. This program is offered only a few times each year.

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